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i got a new job working with severely developmentally disabled adults which is exciting! the only thing that sucks is that i have to be there at 7am on saturdays and sundays. good bye social life, hello money!

wish they had a discovery zone for adults. i mean, “adults”.

My mom just asked me if I’d mind if she went to the Shannon and the Clams  record release show at the New Parish with my dad. She was like “because you didn’t let me see them when they were playing at our house for your birthday!” which was like 3 years ago. I’ve got kewl parents.

The first pack of pokemon cards I ever received had a holographic Charizard in it.

being proud of your ignorance is really sad.

Walking Dead ends, Game of Thrones begins.

If you’ve never seen Beetlejuice before and you have no desire to watch it now, I can’t be your friend.

wow, greek yogurt is fucking gross.

Saw Angela Davis speak tonight at Marcus Bookstore in Oakland! That woman is amazing!

It’s hard living in a house with someone that you don’t like as a person, especially when they’re related to you.

Ended up having all four of my wisdom teeth taken out earlier today. Fuck this :(

Just bought this book.